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Automatic packaging machine designed and built to use an only packaging material to pack every product size, in length and in width.
These machines allow, through the use of a  cardboard strip, to save on the cost of packaging material and  to obtain a final product fully protected on the sides and on the edges, with a good appearance. Designed for the packaging of wooden floors, these machines can be adapted for the packaging of other products on customer request.

Machine characteristics

> Fully automatic format adjustment via PLC. > Pack height: from mm. 60 (2,3 inches) till mm. 200 (7,8 inches).
> Product length: from mm. 400  (15,7 inches) till mm. 3000 (118 inches) and more. > Manual feeding by operator or automatic feeding.
> Pack width:from mm.100 (4inches) till mm. 400(16 inches).
> Special design on demand